4 Reasons To Avoid DIY Window Film Installation

There are a number of homeowners who choose DIY as an option to expand their creative skills or adopt a hobby, and save on costs while they are at it. This may be acceptable for simpler projects that entail home décor, painting, or backyard gardening. But larger and more technical tasks such as window film installations should be left to the experts, rather than the average hobbyist.

While window films offer a wide array of benefits, ranging from protection against burglary to reduced utility bills and solar protection, taking on its application yourself can do more harm than good.

In this article, we take a look at four reasons why you should leave window film installations to the experts.

1. Windows are sometimes out of reach

Not all windows are easily accessible. Installing films on only the easy-to-reach windows while ignoring those placed on the second or third storey of your home would be counter-productive. If the intention behind installing a security window film is to shatterproof your windows or create a scratch resistant surface, selectively installing your films would still leave your home vulnerable to thieves or vandals. Besides that, windows placed on higher ground may require scaffolding or a series of ladders for smooth application. Balancing yourself on an unstable surface as you attempt to carefully clean, apply, and cure the window films can be quite dangerous. However, placing this task in the capable hands of a reputable window film professional would not only result in its effective application, but will also pose no risk to you and your home.

2. Mistakes can be costly

Making mistakes during DIY is a common occurrence, especially if you are inexperienced at the project you are attempting. But mistakes that cost more to repair are expensive lessons to learn. For instance, installing the wrong type of film to your window could not only cost you further expenditure to re-install the films – but it could even result in unexpected expenses to replace your window glass itself. As a result of years of experience, specialists would be able to accurately apply the films without leaving room for confusion or error. In fact, any issues that arise during the course of the installation would certainly be compensated by a reputable company.

3. Quality window films are not generic

Contrary to popular belief among homeowners, window films are not generic. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to every window in your home. In fact, every installation would require careful consideration of the window’s location, size, type of glass, as well as the quality of the film. Applying the wrong type of film to your glass can even end up damaging it. For instance, installing a heat blocking film to an unsuitable glass window can actually risk breaking the glass itself due to the excessive thermal stress placed on it. This is why professionals take extra precautions in determining which film works best with the different types of glass in order to select the best choice for every home.

4. Application of window film requires care and precision

Applying a window film involves more than simply peeling it off and sticking it on. Most DIY kits do not include the appropriate professional tools required to cut the provided film and fit it perfectly to your window. Carrying out the application process despite this will not only result in an ill-fitting film, but can also scratch the glass planes and void the warranty of the films.

It is also important to note that a clean surface is extremely crucial to a successful film installation. While this may sound simple in theory, even one speck of debris on either the film or your glass can disrupt the entire appearance of your window. This is because trapped dust and dirt can result in bubbles or wrinkles appearing on the film, compromising both the aesthetics and functionality of your window. Qualified specialists are trained in the art of effectively cleaning the surface of your windows and are well-equipped with the knowledge of the types of material suitable for each glass.

Leave it to the professionals

While DIY projects may appear to save costs and seem exciting, installing home window films yourself can often be more complicated than expected – which is why you should leave it to the professionals.

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