5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Window Film For Your Home

When thinking about safety in the home or keeping the bills down, householders do not necessarily tend to think about ensuring solar window film is at the top of their list but they could be missing a trick. The film itself is thin plastic or polymer layer which can be fitted onto your existing windows absorbing the harmful UV rays from direct sunlight but also acting as a method of retaining heat in the home or office. Once you see the benefits that solar window film installation brings, the only question left is why you haven’t had it fitted a lot sooner, so let’s look at five reasons to book an installation today.

  1. Reduces the impact of Ultraviolet (UV) rays

Sunlight contains UV radiation and with our climate long term exposure to the sun’s rays can have effects on our skin. Not only drying out and prematurely aging skin, but a more serious consequence over time is skin cancer so anything that can be done to reduce the amount of UV light the skin receives (including time spent indoors) is to be encouraged. Direct sunlight through windows also causes fabrics to fade and some materials to become brittle. Curtains, blinds, carpeting and soft furnishings can be affected, and these are not cheap to replace. Save yourself a great deal of dollars by reducing 99% of the UV rays from the sun’s rays entering your home or office as you fit solar window film in Melbourne.

  1. Safety and security

Keeping your home and property secure is foremost in the minds of a householder and the same goes for businesses with offices to maintain. A security film that is bonded onto the window frame acts as in a way that strengthens the glass. Accidental damage or intentional aims to break through the glass can therefore be given additional protection. Areas that are prone to break ins, such as downstairs windows or those around the back of the property, including garage doors, can be fitted with a security film so that the glass does not break as easily. These films can also be added to children’s rooms to offer additional protection and ease of mind. Nowadays security films come in both clear and tinted versions as well for both aesthetic and practical design features.

  1. Energy efficiency

The properties of polymer films also help save money on household bills such as heating and air conditioning. The film can absorb long way infrared heat and re-radiate it while others can reflect heat to the outside environment. What this means in practice is that you don’t have to crank up the air con to keep the inside of the home or office cool and comfortable during the hot weather. Not only does this reduce the household bills, but it also means that you prolong the life of any air con or ventilation unit and likewise your heating appliances. This will certainly help with any replacement or break down costs as well provided you keep the servicing up to date. It is estimated that the latest solar film can block out around 55% of heat in the summer and conversely retain heat during the colder months.

  1. Reduction of glare

No one wants to cut out the view from their windows especially if they have spent time and effort on the surrounding garden and landscape. Yet far too often curtains or blinds have to be partially or fully closed due to the glare of the sun which makes it difficult to work on screens or watch a television programme due to the light falling on them. Glass is a really good barrier to a number of elements such as rain and window, but its purpose is to let in the light. Solar film can block out around 80% of the suns energy because of the way it is constructed. Using the special metals, dyes or nano technology within each film allows it to act as a barrier to solar energy and to filter out annoying glare.

  1. Aesthetic appeal and ease of application

Solar films are fitted retrospectively if your current windows have a particular problem that comes to light or you want to increase the energy efficiency/safety of the home but cannot afford the outlay involved with replacing all your windows. The actual professional installation is very simple and relatively quick to undertake so any existing window should be suitable for this type of retrofit.

Kerbside appeal also comes into this as solar film comes in both tinted and clear shades. Rather than replace perfectly good windows, one of the things to consider is having the windows retrofitted with solar film in a shade to suit the overall exterior design look you are aiming for, whilst gaining all of the above five benefits.

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