We at Cleargard Australia offer a wide range of decorative vinyl and frosted glass window films with a multitude of options. Designed to help enhance, adorn, brand or label, our custom pattern glass films can fulfil a variety of needs!

Customised Style and Impact

With a wide range of options to match home or office interiors or exteriors, Cleargard Australia’s decorative film can be produced in a myriad of patterns, from pinstripes to embossed designs, as well as frosted films with varying opacity. Our films also help impede intense glare and UV rays, all while adding flair and grace to an otherwise bland area.

Patterns for privacy, patterns for protection

Cleargard Australia’s decorative window films renews the look of existing glass areas, as well as provide different levels of privacy as desired. These films may be used to mask or block one’s view or light sources, all while adding attractive style.

In addition, our decorative films have a special coat that helps protect your glass against breakage and forced entry. Used in tandem with our secure anchors and adhesive, our decorative film helps reinforce glass strength, without sacrificing its good looks.

Scores of uses, winning combinations

Since you can nominate your own designs and patterns on to a film, glass windows and surfaces can become instant branding tools and corporate marketing devices. Varying degrees of opacity, colour combinations and existing or new artwork give you an infinite number of possibilities, all while adding security and privacy to a space, and even helping reduce heat and UV exposure.

All these affordable options are available to you – ask for your free quote today! Consult a Cleargard Australia glass film expert for recommendations and samples designed for you!