Cleargard Australia offers you easy steps to follow to get your property’s glass protected and secured.

Our 3-Step Easy Installation Procedure

Step 1: Contact us and book your FREE NO OBLIGATION quote.

Step 2: Our experts will make an appointment to come and inspect, take measurements and submit recommendations, and leave with you an informative sample pack.

Step 3: Just wait for our quote to arrive (usually within 1 business day). Once a quote is approved, we set a date for your installation to happen!

Installation day – no frills, no fuss

On that day, our installer will need 1 metre of working space in front of each window. Leave it with us – we will take care of cleaning and prepping each window on the day. The installer will roll the selected film on to the inside of the glass and remove any excess adhesive. We’ll dry the frames and install the structural silicone where needed.

And that’s it – your glass surfaces will be protected!

Preventing Crime

Up until recently, upgrading home and building security usually called for the installation of metal bars, grilles or roller shutters. While these solutions are important in crime prevention, these are much more expensive than security film, as well as taking more time and resources to customise and install. These installations will most certainly change the appearance of a property, decrease the use of natural light as well as add to cleaning and maintenance time and cost.

Recently, security film technology has greatly improved with stronger films, more effective adhesives, and improved opacity. New installation techniques like anchoring film with a structural silicone or mechanical angle have made them even more effective. **See how resistant security film can be with this link of actual CCTV footage.**(link)

With Cleargard Australia’s tough security films, the element of surprise remains the best advantage you can give any glass surface. Potential burglars hit the seemingly unprotected glass and are thrown off-guard with it not breaking, causing repetitive strikes to attract attention. This often leads to thieves abandoning the attempt and moving on to avoid attention.

As with all cases of preventing crime, it is layers of protection that will help prevent intruders from following through on a burglary attempt. Strong locks, tough doors, motion detectors and lights, alarms and cameras now combine with extra-tough security film on all glass surfaces to help deter the unwary thief who is seeking the path of least resistance. Glass security film is now an added requirement to these essential layers of protection!