Safety Glass Film: Advantages of Installing it on Your Doors and Windows

Glass is considered as one of the oldest yet most versatile materials in the building industry. Due to its capability to absorb, refract and transmit light, glass has the ability to add to the overall aesthetic value a room, home or building holds. This accounts to the growing number of glass panels that have been included in the construction of most commercial and residential settings.

However, bare glass windows are at risk of either accidental or malicious damages, thus posing a security, safety and health risk. An application of a safety glass film is then recommended to help alleviate these concerns. Designed to be retro-fitted onto an already installed door or window, safety glass films are a relatively simple and inexpensive feature to add to your home.

What are the advantages of installing safety glass film on your doors and windows?

It Protects Against The Sun’s Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be terribly damaging to your skin and even your overall health. UV rays can cause illnesses as serious as cancer, so staying away from them is always a smart thing to do. When you install safety glass film in Melbourne, you can rest assured that most of those rays will not be reaching you while you’re at home. When you choose to have a safety film installed over your doors and windows, the health risks associated with the sun’s UV rays are greatly reduced.


It Makes Your Home Or Office More Secure

The thickness of the safety glass provides an added layer of resistance to the usage of tools or weaponry that are typically employed when breaking into a home. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to never have a break-in, just that the chances of this occurrence would be greatly reduced. Even if only serving to delay the process, a split second is all you need to increase the odds of protecting yourself and your family before contacting the police.


It Can Help Your Windows Last Longer

Safety films are also able to protect the windows and doors themselves. This in turn means that you would be able to retain the original state and quality of these items for a longer period. Along with the ability to preserve the life of the glass that it is installed on, this protective feature is also specifically designed with reduced chances of breakage. Even if a window happens to break at some point, the shards would be less prone to inflicting injury due to its ability to hold the broken glass together in the frame. This higher durability also accounts to the reason why safety films are a preferred choice in homes with children.

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