In Melbourne, glass scratches are a common occurrence due to window graffiti and vandalism. In some cases, you may also get glass scratches due to construction, pet scratches, or other reasons. So, why not get rid of unsightly scratches on your glass window through glass scratch repair? It’s quick, cost-efficient and most importantly, effective.

If you are looking for reliable glass scratch repair services in Melbourne, look no further than Cleargard. We are a quality glass scratch removal company that can take care of your window scratch repair concerns – no matter how big or small, shallow or deep.

Benefits of Cleargard Melbourne’s Glass Scratch Repair

Cost efficient

Glass scratch removal services are much cheaper than having the whole window replaced. Window scratch repair can save you a lot of money in the long run if your windows are often scratched.

Quick and easy

Repairing a scratch on your window is also a lot easier than getting the damaged glass panes removed and new ones installed. Because of the quicker process, glass scratch repair takes up less time, too.

As good as new

You don’t need to worry about glass scratch repairs in Melbourne leaving your windows in anything less than mint condition. Our experienced window scratch repair professional will have the skills to make your window look as good as new.

Works on a variety of scratches

It doesn’t matter if the scratch is on your window or your door, or where the scratch even came from. Glass scratch removal can work on a variety of scratches, from the tiniest scrapes to those that are large and deep.

Environmentally friendly

If you are concerned about waste and sustainability, then you will be glad to know that glass scratch repair is an environmentally friendly option. This is because repairing the scratches instead of getting your windows replaced actually helps reduce waste.

Lifetime warranty

All our products at Cleargard Melbourne come with a conditional lifetime manufacturer warranty. For scratch repairs, we offer the same warranty on the removal of most glass window scratches.

Why Choose Cleargard Melbourne?

Our team has the experience, skills, and industrial know-how to repair your glass windows and leave them as good as new. While we love a challenge removing a persistent scratch, there is also no job too small for us. Providing you with a solution is our top priority.

As a reputable glass scratch removal company, we also prioritise quality, service, and meeting the customer’s needs at all times, so you can be assured that you will have a good experience when engaging our services. Our team strives to ensure that we deliver only the best in terms of effectiveness and industry standards to all our customers.

In addition to glass scratch removal, we have a variety of other solutions to better protect your windows, such as lightly polishing glass surfaces and applying anti-graffiti film to guard against future scratches.

Cleargard Melbourne Offers High-Quality Scratch Removal Services For Windows

We service both commercial and residential buildings throughout Melbourne and selected parts of Victoria.

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