Steve Blume

In our complex a couple of years ago a small number of units were broken into using a hammer to punch holes in windows next to locks that were not locked. I said to my wife, I don’t want to to go through that same. I had memory of a special film that you could add to the glass to make it stronger. After googling for a few seconds I found Cleargard. At the time we had also got quote from Crimesafe. The issue was that crimesafe only covered one half of a window, normally the sliding part. All our windows in our unit are on the balcony that runs the full length of our place and we are top storey 3 levels up. The cleargard film covered all the glass and was cheaper than the Crimesafe product. So on Tuesday Night we get home from our holidays and notice noting until the morning, my wife draws the kitchen blinds up and bang. Both windows smashed! However the film had held and our home was safe. Not until later did we think about how lucky we were to have chose cleargard. I spoke with Andrew from the Sydney office and explained what had happen and thanked him and praised the product. I just can’t thank you enough for a great product, the film is super clear you can’t see it, the silicone that does the holding looks a little crappy, but I don’t care. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Steve Blume