Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Security Film On Windows

Installing security film on your doors and windows can come with numerous benefits, most notably securing your home or office against potential break-ins and avoiding glass-related injuries. That said, appropriate maintenance measures should always follow after investing in high-quality security glass film for your windows and doors. This way, you will not only preserve its original quality, but also ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is not voided.

In this article, we share some tips that would help you better clean and maintain your commercial or residential security films.


Wait Before Cleaning Your Film

If your security film is relatively new, make sure to give it at least 30 days to properly cure before cleaning. This ensures that the adhesive won’t be affected by the materials or products that you may use during cleaning. Do not be alarmed if your window or door appears to be hazy during this period. This temporary condition is the result of moisture that was present on the surface when the films were installed and will disappear within the month. Keep in mind to factor in weather conditions as films in colder areas would require additional time to completely cure.

Use Gentle Cleansers When Cleaning

While cleaning is an essential aspect of ensuring a longer lifespan for your window films, it is also important to note that these films are less porous than the surface of ordinary glass. This means that window or door films do not accumulate noticeable dirt or grime as quickly as glass, hence requiring less frequent cleaning.

When it is time to clean the films, you should avoid using products that contain ammonia as these cleansers can cause the films to become hazy or brittle. With prolonged use, ammonia-based cleansers can even result in a completely peeled film. As an alternative, make sure to use gentle cleansers such as a mild dishwashing detergent that is diluted in warm water. Sparingly apply the cleanser with a dampened cloth or a spray bottle to avoid leaving streaks that will be noticeable in sunlight.



Use Proper Cleaning Materials

Using a gentle cleanser alone will not protect your window or door films from scratches. It is also imperative that you use non-abrasive cleaning materials. Contrary to popular belief, towels and paper towels actually do more harm than good when cleaning the surface of these areas. Alternatively, try using a soft sponge, microfiber cloth, or cotton cloth that is lint-free to ensure a cleaner and clearer glass film. Make sure to also thoroughly clean the material of your choice before using them on your films as trapped dust and debris can easily cause damage when wiping.

Clean the Window with the Grain

When cleaning your glass window or doors, it is always advised to move with the grain. This means cleaning in the same direction as the cut lines along the edges. For instance, when washing the top and bottom parts of the window, instead of going in circles or against the grain, move horizontally. Similarly, wash vertically when cleaning the sides. This would help keep your films in place in the long run.

Other Maintenance Tips

One of the many advantages of a security film is its hassle-free nature. Other than cleaning from time to time, there is not much upkeep that is required. However, there are some problem-causing actions that can be avoided, such as piercing any water bubbles or air bubbles that show up on the films when cleaning. These bubbles are a natural part of the drying process and will dissipate within a few hours. Popping them will not only compromise the integrity of the film, but also allow water to move behind the films, leaving permanent bubbles that would disrupt your view.

You should also be cautious of the objects that are placed next to your window or door film. Keeping sharp objects far from your films would go a long way in preventing damages.

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