Tips to Prevent Fading of Your Home Furnishings

Natural light in the home is something that many homeowners desire. There is nothing quite like the sun pouring into your living space, shining off of a variety of surfaces to provide an ambience like no other. But it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Over time, that constant sunshine can damage your home furnishings. Furniture, carpets, even wood flooring can show signs of fading over time. When these furnishings begin to fade, they can lose that pop that makes them unique or appealing.

While there are window solutions out there that can be easily implemented – a solar window film or solar window tint film, it is important to have a full understanding of the matter at hand before making any decisions.

How to prevent fading of your home furnishings? Read this article to learn how to:

Prevent Fading by Knowing What Causes it

Part of the process of preventing fading to your furnishings is understanding what leads to the fading in the first place. There are a variety of factors that can lead to fading over time. That said, the most crucial factor is the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays that come from sunlight.

Those UV rays are the leading cause of discoloration, fading, and even noticeable deterioration of your home furnishings over time. If they are constantly exposed to sunlight, the impacts can become more and more noticeable.

Even hardwood flooring can be quite vulnerable to sun damage. Depending on the type of wood, it will either fade and turn lighter or actually get much darker when damaged by the sunlight. Since the entirety of the flooring won’t get constant exposure, it can lead to patches of faded or darker flooring. That creates an uneven, patchy look that no one wants to have to contend with.

That said, there are other factors involved in the fading and discoloration that can occur to furnishings. Solar heat, artificial light, humidity, and visible sunlight can have major impacts as well. If your home has inefficient windows, for instance, it is not only letting in a lot of natural light (and those UV rays), but also creating higher temperatures. All of these come together to create an unfavourable environment for your furnishings.



Prevent Fading by Reducing UV Rays with Window Films

The light itself is not necessarily the bad guy, but the UV rays within those beams of light can have a negative effect on a lot of things. So, how do you reduce those UV rays without drastically reducing the amount of natural light coming in?

The best method is to have a privacy film installation. A privacy window film in Melbourne, for instance, can provide useful tinting that reduces UV rays without greatly impacting the amount of natural light within the room.

There are some films out there that can block out 99.9% of those harmful UV rays while also reducing solar heat. That means a cooler space, one where UV rays aren’t constantly wearing down your furnishings.


Increased Privacy

Another benefit of these films is that they can improve privacy. Having the shades open is great but living in a busier residential area can also mean unwanted eyes peering into your home. So, privacy then goes a long way.

Installing a safety window film not only improves window security, but it can have a beneficial impact on the life of your furnishings. If you are looking to improve the life of your furniture, carpeting, and other furnishings, while at the same time improving privacy and security, these films are a must-have.


LED Lighting

While natural sunlight and the UV rays within are a leading factor in fading and discoloration, there are other factors at play. As a matter of fact, some artificial light (and the heat generated as a result) can have negative impacts on your furnishings.

Consider switching to LED lighting that has low heat generation. Not only will the temperature remain more manageable, but your furnishings will not suffer the impacts of that artificial lighting. You can get all the light that the space requires without having to keep the blinds open all day long.


Find A Reputable Window Film Provider

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