Cleargard Australia is the leading source for high-quality glass window security film across Australia. Cleargard products are known nationwide for high quality, endurance and strength.

Unprotected glass windows and doors are known to be the most exposed access points for break-ins, giving thieves and burglars an opportunity to create their own entrance to your home.

Our security films are quick to install and affordable – and will help prevent any such situations from the get-go!

Designed and made in Israel, Cleargard Australia’s super-strong safety and security films can be securely joined to your glass and frames with high-grade silicone. These films have a low impact on appearance, and a high impact on home security, all without the need to change a single lock!

Watch thieves stopped by our security film:

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Contact us today for a no-obligation quote to install any of our films to your home. Cleargard Australia guarantees all film installations, and our films are designed not to peel, bubble or lose colour over time. Our safety glass window film can also include a scratch-resistant coat to help ease the cleaning process, as well as an optional UV filter to help your home’s contents from the sun.

Our film choices includes:

Quick and Professional Film Installations everytime

We follow the highest standards on each and every film fitting. Cleargard Australia employs installation experts who follow strict and exact levels of high workmanship standards. This allows us to guarantee every job, giving you peace of mind for your home’s long-term protection.