The Clearguard Benefits

New innovations in the design and application of security film technology have resulted in stronger films, powerful adhesives and improved clarity and opacity. Add to that, cutting-edge techniques for securing film to the glass frame with a structural silicone or mechanical angles have increased its effectivity threefold!

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Watch actual CCTV footage of thieves attempting to gain access to a security-film protected premises with a crowbar, and failing!

Measure the Merits of Clearguard Security Film

There are many reasons why businesses and property owners are installing protective security film on to their glass surfaces. Our existing customers cite these as their strongest arguments for installing one today:

Crime Prevention

Clearguard Security Film dramatically reduces the blunt impact to glass without the need for devices like bars, grilles or roller shutters. These external devices are more expensive to custom-size, and they take time to install. They also significantly alter the appearance of your property, reduce the amount of natural light getting in, and are difficult to keep clean. Plus thieves know what to expect.

Using security film adds an extra layer of protection – the best thing you can do for preventing crime incidence. Having quality locks, strong doors, motion sensors, adequate lighting and monitored alarms added to glass protection gives your property the edge of surprise when an attempt to break-in is made. Burglars will be thrown off by the failure of their initial attempts, and will not want the noise generated by multiple blows to protected glass.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Tinted security films reduce the heat and sunlight that enters a property. Thus rooms remain cooler and more comfortable. In addition, air conditioning units do not have to work as hard to achieve desired room temperatures, which results in greater energy efficiency and savings.

Increased Privacy

Clearguard Australia’s tinted and decorative security films provide additional privacy with minimal aesthetic changes to your property. They even improve your visibility with a noticeable reduction in glare and sunlight. Plus there’s no lack of signage and marketing space if you use custom film patterns!

Internal Sun Protection

Wooden floorboards and valued furniture fading under punishing Australian sun exposure will be a thing of the past. Clearguard’s wide range of tinted security films reduce UV rays, heat, and sunlight by up to 80%!