Melbourne’s Leading Window Privacy Film Installation

Using the latest innovations in the design and application of window privacy film technology, Cleargard Melbourne is a leading supplier of window privacy film for glass windows. Cleargard Australia offers its ingenious yet cost-effective glass privacy film, specially designed to enhance privacy, embellish interiors, AND block out sunlight! Long lasting and durable, our window privacy film come with a conditional manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

Affordable style and security

Do away with bulky curtains, complex blinds or outsized roller shutter devices. Cleargard Melbourne’s window privacy films are a one-step, worry-free solution to help enhance a window’s current appearance. These films add stylish options to a once drab area. Once installed, a glass window film provides a low-maintenance surface that act as a privacy shield against peering eyes from outside. The privacy film can also come in a security option that protects against hard impacts from accidents or attempted break-ins.

Protection and privacy in one package

During harsh Aussie summers, the sun’s heat, glare and UV rays are deflected and filtered by this innovative window privacy film. Cleargard Australia design their films to help reduce sun damage and intense light at the same time. This is due to special protective coatings combined with unique installation techniques.

Benefits of Cleargard Melbourne’s Window Privacy Film

Our window privacy film for homes help to provide privacy without compromising light or an open plan design. This affordable, reliable and flexible solution is quick to install and is suited for residential and commercial spaces, large or small.

• Heightened security
Our window privacy film can help to deter opportunist thieves, protect property, prevent injury and even save lives.

• Protection from the sun
When installed, our privacy film for glass windows can help to reduce the effects of the sun, improving the comfort, energy efficiency and look of any room.

• Versatility
Display graphics, text and logos on your windows to advertise your business.

• Quality Craftsmanship
You can expect high quality window privacy film from Cleargard Melbourne, equipped with the ability to withstand the harsh effects of the Australian climate.

• Customised style and impact
To suit your existing decor, you can opt for a fully customised design and installation of our window privacy film for glass windows.

Why Choose Cleargard Melbourne?

We are committed to providing you with quality window privacy film at home or at your business. As a leading supplier of window privacy films in Melbourne and surrounds, we offer the following:
• A fully qualified professional for hassle-free, one-time installation
• Conditional manufacturer’s warranty
• Extensive range of window film tints
• Easy cleaning and maintenance free – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
• Typically installed within 1 day
• Window privacy film applicable to existing glass
• Free measure & quote with a sample of the product

Cleargard Melbourne Offers Quality Window Privacy Film For Glass Windows

Our window privacy film is available in Melbourne and selected areas of Victoria, and is fitted by certified installers. Our range of window privacy film protection will suit most applications and can help to make improvements to your home, reduce heating bills and protect your furnishings from sun glare.

At Cleargard Melbourne, we can also help building contractors, architects and tradesmen on new builds, renovations and refurbishment projects. We also work with building contractors, architects and tradesmen on new builds, renovations and refurbishment projects.

You are welcome to find out more about how we work or to check out our customer testimonials. Alternatively, keep up with our latest news and see examples of previously completed projects or dive into our FAQ’s for more information.

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