Innovative and cost-efficient: Solar Window Film

Defend your home’s interior from the sun’s extreme glare and UV rays. Our Australian summers can be harsh and extreme, and its tough to keep your home cool during very hot days. Costly air conditioning will work hard just to lower a building’s internal temperature, so preventing the house from heating up is more than half the battle.

Keep your home cool – Minimise solar heat

Cleargard Australia’s Solar Window film is the ideal solution: it protects your home’s interior from severe solar glare, preventing temperatures from rising rapidly. This protective film acts as a safeguard to reduce solar radiation, often deflecting up to 80% of the heat generated. Air conditioners will not need to be turned up to maximum to keep your home cool and comfortable, yielding much-needed savings on your annual energy bill.

Protect your home from damaging UV rays

In addition to increasing the privacy of your home, our Solar Window film UV filter shields the house’s inner areas from intense UV rays which can harm your home’s contents after prolonged exposure. Fend off unwanted weathering damage and discolouration of furniture, fixtures, carpet and valuables with this low-impact (yet highly cost-efficient) method of protection.

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