Home security for your loved ones, home and treasured belongings is of paramount importance to us. Having peace of mind of knowing your that home’s visible glass surfaces are protected from burglars – it can’t be measured. Cleargard Australia is happy to provide you with the easiest and most affordable solution: Cleargard Security Film.

Designed and made in Israel, these near-invisible security films are installed from the inside of existing window glass, and set securely to the window frames to provide tough protection from deliberate breakage.

Unlike expensive and complex roller shutters and security screens, security film provides low-impact safeguarding of your glass windows and doors, as well as being quicker to install and being less expensive. Plus there will be no drastic change to the appearance of your home!

Available in transparent or tinted variants, Cleargard Australia’s security film will keep out 99% of the sun’s UV, as well as provide reinforcement to some dangerous glass surfaces to Australian safety standards.