Top 3 Reasons Your Store Should Advertise With Decorative Film

Decorative glass films can be applied on windows and doors to offer privacy or for decorative purposes. These films are also well-known for their ability to enliven a space or foster a welcoming environment. But did you know these versatile films can be utilised for advertising purposes?

If you own a business, it’s likely that you know the importance of advertising. Decorative films can get your message across in an eye-catching manner while also protecting and tinting your windows.

Here are three reasons why decorative films are also great to use as part of a marketing strategy.

Easily customisable

Available in a wide array of styles and colours, decorative films come in an impressive range of forms, shades, and designs. This provides business owners the unique opportunity to customise these films to reflect their brand, or any special promotions or offers. Whether you choose to include your company’s logo or your brand colours into the windows and doors of your store, you can leave a memorable impression and increase brand awareness amongst those passing by. This will help to build foot traffic into your store and also increase sales.

Other than showcasing your brand and any promotional information, you can also customise these films to include any brief service descriptions so customers and clients can understand more about your products, services, and business. Having your hours of operation, website information, and phone numbers in these visible spaces can provide consumers with valuable information, particularly when your store is closed.


As easy as it is to apply decorative films, it is also equally simple to remove them. This means that changing or updating these graphics can be quick and relatively easy. Once a promotional period has completed, you can easily contact a professional to remove or replace the existing film.

In addition to its easy removal, printable films are also manufactured with scratch resistant coatings as well as UV inhibitors. This protects any advertising films from potential marks or vandalism. Decorative films are also more resistant to the sun’s harmful effects, so won’t fade or crack in extreme temperatures.

Business owners can also customise films with a number of perforated options, allowing for greater visibility both for looking in and vice versa.

Cost effectiveness

Decorative films are a small investment that can have a strong marketing upside. This is particularly the case if your store has a lot of passing foot traffic. Traditional billboard advertising is generally costly, while storefronts with large glass doors and windows facing a busy street can provide excellent advertising real estate for a brand without the ongoing costly expenditure of paying for physical advertising.

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