Melbourne is famous for artsy graffiti, but often is appears on places you don’t want it to – like your window!

Safeguard your glass surfaces from vandals with Cleargard Australia’s tough, high quality anti-graffiti glass film. This film is designed to do double-duty of protection and preservation. It shields the surface with a protective coat against paint, scratches, permanent markers, scuffing and even acid etching. A special non-visible external film will help clear and maintain the clean appearance of your glass as you need it.

This special film also has a special adhesive that helps cover existing scratches when exposed to light and heat. If the film is damaged or mutilated, it is plainly removed and replaced. Cleargard Australia’s cost-effective anti-graffiti film saves time and effort, and avoids messy clean-ups involving harsh, smelly oil-based cleaners and thinners.

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