Do you want 24 hour window-break protection in your home?

Did you know that a single square foot of shattered glass can produce almost two hundred razor-like sharp pieces?

Older homes and buildings may have dangerously thin glass windows and door panes that can result in unexpected breakage and possible injury. Left unprotected, thin glass is exposed to shatter from various reasons, from strong wind, hail impact or even bird strikes.

Cleargard Melbourne’s safety glass films are designed to strengthen and improve thin glass, bringing it up quickly to Australian safety standards. Installation of safety film is much less expensive than costly replacement of all your glass surfaces.

The fragility of glass means it can shatter easily, making it a highly dangerous material when broken. Made in Israel to demanding specifications, Cleargard Melbourne’s glass safety film is designed to greatly absorb impact, as well as safely keep broken glass shards together.

Australian Standard AS1288

The Australian Standard AS1288 sets out procedures for determining the glass types and thickness requirements for all buildings. It covers installations of glass that may be prone to accidents, such as low windows or glass near playgrounds. To minimise accidents involving glass in the community, it is stipulated that the glass covered by the AS1288 must be Grade A safety glass to be compliant. In some situations, Grade B wired glass will suffice.

A replacement of glass is not required to comply with the AS1288. Under the AS1288, safety glass film is required in the following situations:

• General Application and Doors – All doors (glazing included) within 2000mm of the ground level of all buildings.
• Low Level Glass in Residential Buildings – Grade A safety glass is required in areas where the lowest sightline is less than 500mm from the floor.
• Areas subject to High Risk of Breakage – The following places require Grade A safety glass; gymnasiums, stadiums, swimming and spa pools, public viewing galleries, halls etc.
• Schools – Grade A safety glass is required within 1000mm of the floor.
• Aged Care Buildings, Early Childhood Centres, Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes – Grade A safety glass is required within 1500mm of the floor.

Should you require more information about the AS1288 and how it applies to your building, contact our team at (03) 9999 9860 and we will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Cleargard Melbourne’s Glass Safety Film

Available in a variety of finishes, our safety window film is also available in different tints, shades, mirror finishes and colours. Cleargard Melbourne’s glass safety film gives your home a completely stylish look, while offering a range of different benefits.

• Safety standards
Upgrade your existing glass to meet Australian safety standards (AS/NZ 2208) without the need of replacing the existing glazing at a fraction of the cost.

• Prevents injury
Our safety & security window film glass protection can deter opportunist thieves, protect property, prevent injury and even save lives, while also greatly reducing the time and expense of cleaning up after a window breakage by holding broken pieces of glass securely in place.

• Combinations
Our glass safety film can be combined and used together with other window films to improve privacy or prevent glare and keep out 99% of UV rays from the sun.

• Versatility
Display graphics, text and logos on your windows to advertise your business.

• Range of thicknesses
Available in a range of thicknesses to suit your needs, while also meeting all Australian standards for impact testing.

Cleargard Melbourne Offers Safety Glass Film For Windows That You Can Rely on

We offer a range of different security & safety window film glass protection that will suit most applications ranging from bringing your existing glass to AS/NZ 2208 standards, to conforming to Bomb Blast standards that can and has saved lives.

We protect high risk buildings such as schools, churches, government buildings, retail & shopping centres with our anti blast safety & security glass film for windows.

For residential properties, one of the best ways to stay safe and protected is through installing safety glass film onto doors and windows. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to make improvements to your home, reduce heating bills and protect your furnishings from sun glare.

Our glass safety film is available in Melbourne and selected areas of Victoria, and is fitted by certified installers.

Why Choose Cleargard Melbourne?

We’re committed to becoming your first-choice supplier of safety glass window films in Melbourne and surrounds.

At Cleargard Melbourne, we offer you:

• A fully qualified professional for installation
• Conditional manufacturer’s warranty
• Extensive range of window film tints
• Easy cleaning and maintenance free – just wipe with a moist sponge or cloth
• One-time installation
• No disruption installation
• Typically installed within 1 day
• Glass safety film applicable to existing glass
• Free measure & quote with a sample of the product

Find out more about how we work, check out our customer testimonials so you don’t just take our word for it, and find out about the benefits of our films. Alternatively, keep up with our latest news and see examples of previously completed projects or dive into our FAQ’s for more information. At Cleargard Melbourne, we can also help building contractors, architects and tradesmen on new builds, renovations and refurbishment projects.

We also work with building contractors, architects and tradesmen on new builds, renovations and refurbishment projects.

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