A strip of film may save your life?

Burglars and thieves have become more cunning, ingenious, and dangerous. They are constantly scheming and are unfazed by some of the most updated home security systems.

Glass windows and doors are the most vulnerable, and are often used by smash-and-grab burglars as main entry and exit points. Glass might be a nice aesthetic touch, but unprotected, they provide little protection for your property. This is where safety films come into play.

Thin Films, Big Benefits

Safety films are thin layers of protective material used to cover and reinforce glass windows and doors. Unlike toughened glass or laminated glass, safety films are far more effective when it comes to preventing break-ins. Our safety films, for instance, are clear films imported from Israel. All materials used are transparent and distortion-free – the aesthetics of your windows are not affected in any way.

The most interesting thing about these films is that they act as a shield. In the event the glass gets shattered, the film’s adhesives hold the shards together. This effectively reduces the risk of injury and makes it more difficult for intruders to gain entry into your property. Unlike unprotected glass, those reinforced with quality safety films do not require much maintenance.

Up to Standards

When it comes to safety films, it’s important to make sure the materials you use to comply with industry benchmarks. Here in Australia, safety films need to meet the S/NZS 2208 Grade A-3 safety standards. The construction standard factors in various aspects, including thickness, strength, and shard sharpness. Applying a safety film that meets these criteria can boost the value of your property and up its security, too.

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How a Strip of Film Can Save Your Life