Tips on How to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

Your windows are one of the most vulnerable sections of your home and a favourite among burglars looking for a quick and easy access point. Many Australian houses, particularly older ones, have inadequate security measures in place to protect the windows—a burglar can break the glass, unlock the window, and climb right in.

To safeguard the contents of your home and the wellbeing of those you love most, it’s essential to burglar-proof every window in the house. Here’s how.

Reinforce your glass

Ordinary glass is all too easy for a burglar to breakthrough. And with the right tools and expertise, they can do so quietly without alerting the neighbours.

With that in mind, reinforcing your glass windows with either security or safety film is the most effective way to burglar-proof your home. Safety glass film is harder to smash and breaks into smaller pieces free from jagged shards, making it the ideal option when security and safety are high on your priority list. Security window film is almost impossible to break through as the film holds the glass firmly in place, perfect for when security is your number one concern.

Upgrade your locks

Presumably, your windows already have locks in place, but that doesn’t necessarily doesn’t mean they’re up for the job. Installing custom aftermarket locks to replace or reinforce your existing set up will make it that much harder for a burglar to break in.

A wide array of different lock types are available to choose from: pin locks prevent the window from being lifted; key locks require a key to open; hinged wedge locks let you partially open double-hung windows; sash locks allow you to open and hold a window in place.

Install window bars

Nobody wants to turn their cosy family home into Alcatraz, but the good news is window bars don’t have to exude a jailhouse vibe. Stacks of attractive options are available to give your home a timeless look, with decorative patterns and embellished designs enhancing your curb appeal.

And you can rest assured that no sane burglar is going to bring along an angle grinder to slice through your wrought iron bars, thus your windows are going to be 100% safe.

Put in motion sensor floodlights

Burglars love operating under cover of darkness, sneaking around your yard in the dead of night to locate a suitable access point to your home. And the easiest way to discourage them from creeping through your property is to install powerful motion sensor floodlights.

Upon detecting movement in your front and/or back yards, a floodlight will illuminate the entire space, sending the burglars scurrying off back into the darkness. The setup is also super handy for when you come home late at night because you won’t have to make your way to the door in the pitch dark.

Grow thorny bushes

A classic, age-old security trick is to grow a wild array of thorny shrubs and bushes right underneath your windows. Burglars always seek the path of least resistance; upon coming across a painfully prickly bush, they’ll give up and rob the house next door instead.

Again, the benefit here is twofold: you’ll safeguard your windows and get a lovely big shrub to enhance the aesthetics of your gardens—rose bushes are an especially attractive option.

Get a security system

A home security system is a fantastic way to protect your entire property, windows included. Installing an easily visible outdoor camera in both the front and back yard will scare even the most foolhardy burglar away.

More advanced systems have a motion sensor option that sends an alert directly to your smartphone, from which you can plug into a live feed and tell the intruder to get lost via a 2-way talk feature. HD resolution and night vision add-ons ensure you can see every little detail.

Another fantastic option is to get sensors put into your windows, which trip the burglar alarm the moment an intruder gains access into the home.

By incorporating some of these sensible window security tips, you’ll be able to protect your home and the people within from unwanted guests. Get in touch with the expert team at Cleargard Melbourne today for an obligation-free quote on safety glass and security film. They are proud to be the leading source for high-quality glass security window film across Australia.