4 Unique Ways to Use Decorative Film in Commercial Spaces

Not only does decorative window film provide much-needed privacy, but it also comes in an array of snazzy designs to jazz up any commercial space. With a bit of creative planning, window film can revitalise your entire interior design, enticing new customers into the store and enhancing the mental wellbeing of your employees. So what’s the secret to successfully implementing decorative film into your workplace?

In this article, we suggest four unique ways to utilise the design in a commercial space:

Set the Scene

Although ordinary old frosted glass has its place, it’s not the only option up your sleeve when selecting decorative window film. Modern technology means a variety of patterns, textures, shapes, and prints are at your disposal, letting you handpick a style that compliments your overarching interior theme.

A no-nonsense accounting firm, for example, might prefer dead straight grey panels to emphasise its serious, professional tone. A dynamic design business, on the other hand, could throw in some swirly geometric shapes to convey its creative side.

To revitalise a space, you could consider using coloured film. Pick a hue that aligns with your company theme, and consider how different shades affect your mood. Blue adds a sense of calm and tranquillity, while orange or yellow emphasise energy and enthusiasm.

In either case, you could also consider adding custom-built signage to cover your windows, fostering authority and reinforcing your brand. Consumers seek out reputable, well-established businesses, and a customised corporate logo on your window helps portray that image.

Create a Privacy Screen

While decorative window film can certainly spruce up a lacklustre room, it’s also an essential privacy barrier to prevent wayward eyes from peering in.

Rather than bothering with blinds, window film creates an in-built privacy curtain that remains in place 24/7. Decorative privacy film gives meeting rooms and executive offices a strong sense of seclusion while still allowing natural light to flood in. If you don’t want passers-by peering in from the street, privacy film can block their view entirely.

Temporary Designs

Decorative film isn’t all that expensive to remove and install, especially for well-established companies with generous marketing budgets.

If your business runs lucrative sales throughout the year, it might be worth getting a temporary window film installed to advertise your latest offerings.




Consumers get bombarded by posters and flyers every day, but relatively few companies go to the effort of advertising promotions through customised window film. A big, bold print spanning the breadth of your shopfront windows is a sure-fire way to catch the customer’s eye – and as result, generate more sales.

Temporary window film is also a brilliant way to celebrate the seasons. Installing an elaborate Christmas tree print onto your windows, for example, lets your customers know you’re serious about the festive spirit. For additional return on investment, you could use the opportunity to promote your upcoming Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

UV Protection

As much as we love the sun’s warm, bright rays, ultraviolent light can wreak havoc in the workplace. Strategically placed decorative film can diffuse direct sunlight, cooling down a room and reducing glare on computer screens.

What’s more, decorative film comes in varying opacities, letting you choose exactly how much sunlight should penetrate the room.

And if your workplace windows overlook a less-than-idyllic view – for example, a brick wall or garbage-strewn alleyway – then frosted film can block out the undesirable scene. Natural light will still pour in, but your customers (and staff) won’t have to suffer through the unsightly view.


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Decorative window film offers a multitude of enticing benefits to businesses of all types, from busy shopfronts to high-rise corporate offices. If you’re looking for decorative window film in Melbourne, contact the team at Cleargard Melbourne today for a free measure and quote.

Our fully qualified professional team are usually able to install window film in just one day to minimise disruption to your operations and we also offer a manufacturer’s warranty on every job. Ask us about our range of vandal-proof security window films to keep your business safe and secure as we are a leading supplier for high quality safety and security films in Australia.