5 Reasons Why You Should Install Security Window Film

These days, more and more people lean towards having large windows for their homes – either for aesthetic purposes, or for increased light and airflow. However, having large windows or even too many windows can also be a problem. Glass windows could pose a security as well as a health and safety risk, mainly due to how easily glass can break.

Hence, more and more people are considering installing security window film in Melbourne. Broken windows happen for all manner of reasons and glass shards can hurt anyone who is nearby – or even those who are trying to clean up afterwards. Here are five main reasons why you should install security glass film for your windows.

1) Protection from injury

One of the main reasons why you would get a glass safety film installed in Melbourne is because it can help protect you from injury. Large, broken pieces of glass can cause serious cuts and injuries. Smaller pieces of glass from your windows shattering due to a storm, accident, or even a break-in, can do the same as well. When you have security window film installed, the film will hold the pieces of glass together, so that it won’t get everywhere and injure anyone nearby.

2) Burglary prevention

Another compelling reason why you should get security window film is because it can help prevent burglaries and break-ins. Glass windows tend to be an easy entry point for burglars, as they can easily smash the glass and then climb into your home or building. Having a security window film will prevent that. The difficulty faced by the burglar when breaking your window means that there is a higher chance of you being alerted to their presence, or it can cause them to give up altogether.

3) Cost effectiveness

Security window tinting is actually a cost-effective measure. Getting your window fitted with the film is cheaper than paying to replace the whole of the broken window glass. Moreover, if your windows are prone to breaking, either due to the weather or just day-to-day accidents, that is all the more reason for you to install a security film – it could save you even more money in the long run.

4) Ease and convenience

If you’ve ever had to clean up all the glass from a shattered window, you will know that it is a tiresome and also potentially dangerous task. Security glass film can help bring you convenience and ease because you won’t need to deal with shattered windows in the first place. Furthermore, the installation process for security window film is quick and easy when done by a reliable window film professional. The installation can be done within one day and causes little to zero disruption to your daily routine.

5) UV ray protection

Did you know that security glass film also provides you with protection from UV rays? The film can filter up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, shielding both you and your furniture from these harmful rays. This also helps to keep your energy costs a bit lower, since you are free to make use of more natural light as well as cut down on air conditioning usage. The window security films are available in tinted or transparent variants, so you can choose to cut out more glare, or opt for a film that makes no changes to your windows’ appearance at all.

If you’re looking for a reputable security window film provider, look no further than Cleargard Melbourne. We offer top-quality security glass film fully fitted by a qualified installer, as well as a lifetime conditional warranty on all of our products. You can get in touch with us to request a free quote today.