Tips on selecting the right window filming company & installer

Whether you want to secure your property or add extra privacy to the space, getting film installed over your windows is an affordable and cost-effective solution. But not all window film installers know their stuff—some fly-by-night operators leave unhappy customers high and dry with a substandard job. So how can you sort the wheat from the chaff in the window film industry?
You need to ask the right questions and do some online research. Here are our top tips on how you can find a suitable window film installer for your business or home.

Check out the company’s online presence

Any good business will have an online presence these days, and those that don’t should set off alarm bells. Aside from the usual social media sites—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.—look for a company that has a professionally produced website. Ideally, the website will have a testimonial section where previous customers discuss their experience with the business.

Read online reviews

You can’t always be sure testimonials on a company website are legitimate, so it’s wise to peruse a few online reviews as well. However, online reviews can be fake too, so it pays to take due diligence when sifting through them.

Rather than relying on one platform, use multiple websites such as Google Maps. Keep an eye out for a large number of reviews posted around the same time with an identical rating and written in a similar tone and/or vocabulary—these could be fakes.

Nonetheless, online reviews are still one of the best ways to determine the quality of an installer’s service and workmanship. Businesses with four stars or more over multiple reviews tend to be pretty good.

Ask for friends or colleagues for recommendations

Because the glass film installation industry is relatively small, it might be hard to find people who’ve had this kind of work done in the past. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to ask around your social circle to see if anyone can provide a recommendation. After all, feedback from a trusted and known source is more reliable than a potentially fake online review.

Get an obligation free quote

Any decent window film installer will offer an obligation free measure and quote, usually within one business day of the request. Be skeptical of businesses that charge for a quote. After all, how will you know whether the quote will even fit within your budget?

Ask about the installation process

Regardless of the type of film, the installation itself shouldn’t take more than a day—most jobs are done in a matter of hours and won’t disrupt your home life or business operations. The process should be a one-off occurrence, with no professional follow-up maintenance required. All you need to do to clean glass film, is to wipe it down with a wet cloth or sponge.

Ask whether security film guarantees protection against break-ins

Although windows with a security film installation are tough to break through, no reputable installer will make any guarantees. Those who do are simply lying about their product because there’s always a remote chance a burglar with heavy-duty equipment and ample time could succeed at getting through. And if the company is willing to lie about the efficiency of its product, what else might they be misleading you about?

Instead of telling fibs, a skilled installer will explain how security film can significantly improve the strength of the window, enhance safety by reducing the spread of broken glass, and provide protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Ask to see examples of their privacy film

If you’re more concerned about privacy than security, a privacy film installation will protect a room from prying eyes.

Any reputable installer will have a wide range of windows with preinstalled privacy films to showcase their work, either at the office or on their website. What a reputable company won’t do, however, is hand out the names of houses where they’ve installed their project. Customers paying for additional privacy don’t want random people getting access to their address.

Getting a window film installation in Melbourne

If you’re in the market for privacy or security glass film for windows in the Melbourne, get in touch with Cleargard Melbourne today. We are a Melbourne-based installer who works with a variety of security glass film products and will provide a competitive and obligation-free quote within 24 hours.