6 Most Common Window Privacy Film Questions Asked

Privacy window film is a great way to achieve more privacy in your home for a small cost. Often, privacy window film is used in bathrooms, but it can also be used in other areas around the home. If you are unfamiliar with privacy window film and how it can best be utilised for your home, we have collated a list of the 6 most common questions asked about window privacy film with answers.

Are There Different Types of Privacy Film?

Privacy film comes in many different styles, but there are four main ones to consider. Tinted film comes in various shades of black, which let in varying amounts of light, whereas opaque films block out the light completely creating a blackout effect. If you want to keep your room looking brighter, frosted privacy film is translucent but blurs anything that you would be able to see. Finally mirrored privacy window film creates a two-way mirror effect and is reflective – perfect in small bathrooms where there is no space for a mirror.

How Do I Choose the Right Window Film?

The highest quality window films are translucent sheets of material sold in rolls that are easily applied with water. They are often backed with a water-activated glue and have a delicate frosted appearance. They can be purchased in standard sizes or as custom-cut sheets. Avoid brightly colored window films that require multi-layer applications or are thin, flimsy pieces of plastic similar to plastic wraps that do not bond to a window with a water application. These types are vulnerable to weather changes and tend to fall off in extreme heat or cold. You never want to use anything requiring an adhesive that you apply yourself, like a wallpaper application. Instructions vary, so be sure they are always included.

Is Privacy Window Film for the Bathroom waterproof?

As most window film is designed for rooms like bathrooms, it is made to be very durable. Good quality window film will stay attached to windows, even in high humidity or with condensation. The film can also be water or steam affected without warping or getting damaged, meaning that it is waterproof and can be used near sinks and showers. The surface is also very easy to clean and can be wiped easily with gentle cleaning products – no special products or tools are required.

How Is Window Film Installed?

As well as being super affordable, window film can be placed very easily on any flat surface like a window. To install it, you will need to measure the size of your window and cut your film to the correct size. The next step involves a spray bottle filled with a mixture of both water and normal detergent. The solution is usually sprayed on the surface of the window evenly. The film is then placed on top and any excess water or lumps in the film are smoothed out.

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

The cost of privacy window film in Melbourne varies a lot depending on how much you purchase, and the quality and the type of film that you are looking for. In general, window film will cost anywhere from $50 to $200 per square metre. If you are looking to have it installed by a professional, the cost will be greater, but the quality of final product should be higher and last longer.

How Much Privacy Does Window Film Provide?

Window film can provide full privacy when the right film is applied in the right way. Even when viewing up close, very little can be seen through window film, making it an effective source of maintaining privacy throughout a home or commercial premise. Even at night, window film will usually block about 95% or more of light, providing a high level of privacy.

These are 6 of the most common questions found for window privacy film. For further information on any of these important questions, we advise you consult an expert to give fuller detail and how it specifically may apply to your home or office.