SafetyZone Anti-Graffiti Protects New Landmark Community Centre

Dandenong, VIC, Australia
Civic Centre & Council Offices

Description: Vandalism Protection
Film Type: 4 Mil & 6 Mil Anti-Graffiti
Project Size: 520m2
Dealer: Cleargard Australia

Project Task

In mid-2014 the City of Greater Dandenong, in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, completed a civic centre intended to revitalise the city’s heart. Costing over $65 million and taking over two years to build, the centre includes a new home for the local council offices, community rooms, retail spaces and library. A large public square with a giant television screen is situated in the middle, serving as a focus point for the community.

With the new landmark linking the main areas of the city centre together, the council had to ensure that the stylish glass panels and aluminium cladding on the buildings would continue to look their best.

They employed the services of Cleargard Australia to protect the entire civic centre from graffiti and other threats of vandalism.


Cleargard Australia chose Hanita’s range of anti-graffiti and safety solutions such as 4 Mil Anti-Graffiti, 4 Mil Clear Xtra and 6 Mil Anti-Graffiti Xtra to protect the newly constructed windows, display cases and aluminium panels. Installed on all at-risk surfaces right around the
exterior perimeter of the buildings, the anti-graffiti film provides wipe-clean protection against paint and ink, and a sacrificial, easily replaceable barrier against scratching and gouging attacks.


Within hours of opening, local vandals descended on the site – and the SafetyZone Anti-Graffiti installation had passed its first test. SafetyZone film will ensure that the Civic Centre will remain a source of community pride and ownership for future generations.